UX Design

St. Jude Medical

Abbott Medical (formerly, Saint Jude Medical) approached our health-centered design agency with an interesting challenge. We were tasked with creating a heart monitor for patients that were undergoing surgery. This task was not one that we took lightly and our team understood the gravity of this application. We were honored to be able to design a product where getting the UX right was absolutely critical.
Project Details

Company: St. Jude Medical / Abboot

Online: https://www.sjm.com/

This application had to account for many different scenarios and situations. A stressful, high-intensity environment where seconds could mean life or death for a patient was the reality for this UX challenge. We took into account everything from the daily tasks of the medical staff to the noise level of the facility. The UI components were carefully selected as we consulted with doctors, nurses, and experts in this field to understand industry standards of icons and colors.
We also asked the medical staff about their psychological state when an alert goes off and how many seconds they have to respond which was necessary to build the best application possible. I did the UX work on this effort and provided direction to an incredibly talented UI designer. I am extremely proud of this team and the overall result.

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