UX Design / UI Design

USAA Money Movement

I was honored to work on the Money Movement project at USAA. This was the largest effort at USAA and consisted of many teams and many moving parts. We collaborated with stakeholders, engineers, and team leads to build an efficient and effective product.
Project Details

Company: USAA

Online: www.usaa.com

The Money Movement application allowed users to send and receive funds from USAA members and non-USAA members alike. This was a challenge that many financial institutions faced at the time with the overwhelming popularity of apps like Square and PayPal.
The goal was for users to be able to easily send money to friends and family using their trusted banking application. We would need to incorporate a simple user experience seen in other digital wallets and pair it with a sleek, modern UI to help entice users to make the transition from apps like PayPal and Cash.

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