UX Research / UX Design


My first experience in working in UX and being introduced to this world of technology was at Peddle (formerly known as Junk My Car, LLC.) Peddle is a quick and easy way to sell your car online. The company was moving from purely “junk yard vehicles” to accepting all kinds of vehicles when I came on board. I helped cater to a different kind of audience through UX research and helped guide the design.
Project Details

Company: Peddle

Date: August 2012 - Sept 2013

Online: www.peddle.com

I would read through chat transcripts, talk to my co-workers on the front lines, monitor google analytics data, conduct user surveys and testing via chat, and comb through social media post to compile data to use to improve the experience.
I helped with the design direction by providing feedback, UX design suggestions, and guidance to the team based on research.

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