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Sams Club
Fresh Sales Tool

Project Overview

The Fresh Sales Tool (FST) Web and Mobile App allows for Fresh area managers to gather a more accurate prediction when it comes to the number of fresh food and bakery items to prepare for the day. We interviewed employees and stakeholders to gather information about their roles and duties. The app we created takes into account a variety of factors including national holidays, sporting events, market trends, local weather, etc. which allows managers to focus on people instead of production numbers. Our data-driven solution continues to help the company avoid over production of food items which results in saving time, money and energy.

My Role

UX Research

I conducted qualitative research at the initial stages of the project. I interviewed associates and managers to define pain points and create a roadmap for the team. I conducted usability testing with associates during the build phase of the project. Once the product launched, I used quantitative data from the chat history to develop a design strategy by using the questions being asked most often as a user-driven guide.

UX Design

I managed the overall UX strategy and collaborated with key stakeholders to envision, define, document and evangelize research-driven user experiences for both Sam's Club associates and managers. I produced UX deliverables for the team and contributed to UI design work when needed.

UI Design

I created the UI for the FST application. The existing design framework was being revised by Sam's Club design leadership during the project build. I collaborated with their design leaders to align on the approved new patterns, but since the new design library was being re-imagined, I had the opportunity to help their internal design team by introducing new elements. I often collaborated with their design leaders on patterns and by pushing boundaries on the visuals of this app, I contributed to the enterprise-wide design system that was being re-worked during this effort.

UX Deliverables

UX/UI Designs

Project Details

Company: Sams Club

Date: 2018 - 2019

Online: www.samsclub.com

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